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Choose the right razor and avoid irritations

Guide to shaving your head

Discover which razor is most suitable for shaving your head and how you can prevent common shaving problems such as nicks and irritations. This guide also offers tips on how to properly use specially designed razors like the HeadBlade and how to maintain your shaved head.

Which razor is most suitable for shaving the head?

I want to shave my head. Which razor is best to use?

For shaving the head, ergonomically designed razors such as the HeadBlade are the best choice. These razors have a unique shape and special features that make shaving the scalp easier and cause less irritation.

Why is the regular modern razor not suitable for shaving my head?

I shave my head with a regular Gillette or Wilkinson cartridge razor. I often get razor burns when shaving my head. How can I prevent this?

  • The common modern razor is designed to shave the beard part. And is therefore less suitable for shaving the head.
  • To shave your head, use the specially ergonomic designed razors from HeadBlade .
  • HeadBlade razors have an ergonomic grip that makes shaving the head smoother.
  • HeadBlade razors are spring-mounted so that the razor better follows the contours of the head. This prevents razor burns

How often can you use HeadBlade razors?

How often can I use a HeadBlade razor?

  • This of course depends on whether you have thin or thick hair and which shaving cream or lotion you use.
  • On average you can get 6 shaves with a HeadBlade razor.

How should I use the HeadBlade razor?

I shave my scalp. How can I best use the HeadBlade razor?

  • First clean the head with a cleansing gel .
  • Wet the head with lukewarm water.
  • Apply shaving cream or shaving gel to the scalp.
  • Slide the eye off the HeadBlade razor over your middle finger.
  • Press the HeadBlade razor lightly against the head.
  • Make sure that the back part or wheel of the HeadBlade always maintains contact with the head.
  • Shave with long, steady, even strokes.
  • Rinse the razor regularly while shaving.

What is the best shaving method for shaving the scalp?

What shaving method is best to use with the HeadBlade razor to shave my scalp?

  • It is best to shave with the hair growth.
  • Start at the crown and shave from the crown to the forehead and from the crown to the back of the head.
  • It is easier to shave the forehead first.
  • Make sure the razor is always facing forward and shave your forehead.
  • Turn the razor over and then shave the back of the head.
  • You can then shave the temple area of ​​your head.
  • Use your right hand to shave the right part of your head.
  • Use your left hand to shave the left part of your head.

Is the HeadBlade razor suitable for everyone?

Is the finger ring or eye of the HeadBlade razor suitable for every finger?

  • Yes, the ring is made of flexible plastic and can be adjusted to the thickness of the finger. This gives you maximum grip while shaving.
  • The razor blades in the razor holder are in a spring-loaded click and attachment system. This ensures that the razor blade lies flat on the skin surface.
  • The razor holder has a slightly curved shape. This ensures that the razor rests well on the rounded shapes of the head.

How do I prevent razor burn while shaving my head?

I shave my head. How can I prevent razor burn, red or chapped scalp or razor bumps?

  • First clean the head with a cleansing gel.
  • Wet the scalp with lukewarm water.
  • You can prevent razor burns by not putting pressure on the razor while shaving.
  • Shave in the direction of the hair as much as possible. Don't go against hair growth.
  • Shave with long, steady, even strokes.
  • Do not shave with dull blades. Replace razor blades on time.
  • Use an after shave balm after shaving. After shave balm soothes and nourishes the skin.

How can I best protect my bald head from the sun?

I shave my head. How do I prevent my scalp from getting sunburned?

  • After shaving, use a moisturizer with SPF factor (= sun protection factor).
  • Or use HeadLube SPF30 or HeadShade sunscreen SPF15 from HeadBlade. These lotions protect the shaved head against the UV rays of the sun.
  • If necessary, protect your skin with a hat or cap.