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The 5 most popular New Year's resolutions for shaving and beard care

De 5 populairste goede voornemens voor scheren en baardverzorging - Manandshaving

What are your New Year's resolutions?

Even though lists of good intentions are a bit cliché, we have made a list of the 5 most popular resolutions. These good intentions for the new year don't just come out of the blue. No, we hear this from our customers every day. Are these also your good intentions?

Switch to the safety razor

Actually, this is no longer a new good intention. For several years now we have seen many men switching from the multi-blade cartridge razor to the safety razor . We regularly hear from customers that they find the expensive Gillette or Wilkinson razor blades ridiculously expensive. People then look for an alternative on the internet and come across the safety razor. On various shaving forums you can read many enthusiastic stories from users or watch the many videos of shaving gentlemen on YouTube. 2023 will be the year of the safety razor. Even more people will switch, buy it and shave with it.

Many customers switch for the following reasons:

  • Saves money
  • Universal shaving system
  • More sustainable and better for the environment
  • Shaves just as smoothly and comfortably or even much better than the multi-blade shaving system
  • The razor holders are nicer and chic than the standard plastic and rubber handles of the well-known retail brands

Back to the basics: classic wet shaving

Life is becoming increasingly hectic and complicated. Many men try to simplify their daily lives and increasingly appreciate the classic wet shaving. Get rid of those complicated electric razors, disposable plastic products and chemical aerosol clutter. We must enjoy simplicity and beautiful things in life again. We regularly hear from customers that they would like to shave again the way their grandfather used to shave. At least Grandpa knew how to do it. He took his time and used a nice scented shaving soap. Stood for a few minutes foaming up shaving soap with a nice shaving brush made of pig hair or badger hair. Naturally, he shaved with a metal safety razor or a beautiful straight razor with a wooden handle. After shaving, an old-fashioned after shave splash and it smelled nice and fresh again.

For many customers, shaving is a 'must'. After a few weeks of traditional wet shaving, we regularly hear that shaving is no longer a necessary morning action. But people find shaving to be a wonderful zen moment. People enjoy the shaving ritual.

Less plastic in the bathroom

We all know those images of plastic floating around in the oceans. If you look around the bathroom, you will be shocked by how many care products are in plastic: everything is in a plastic jar or bottle. Many of our customers are concerned about the environment and are trying to reduce their use of plastic. Manufacturers are responding to this by developing and producing shampoo and shower bars . Last year we further expanded the range with these solid soaps.

A shampoo bar is actually much more economical and convenient to use. It does exactly the same as a regular liquid shampoo or shower gel. You now have a bar for every type of skin or hair. Most shampoo bars come in a cardboard box or a metal can. When it's gone, you can use the can for the loose screws or nails in your hobby shed.

Synthetic shaving brush instead of badger hair

5 to 10 years ago, the range of synthetic shaving brushes was still very limited. Everyone used or bought a Badger Hair shaving brush. Manufacturers such as Edwin Jagger and Muhle started expanding the range of synthetic shaving brushes about 5 years ago. Different types of synthetic bristles came onto the market: Black fiber and Silvertip fibre. The Black fiber bristles are slightly stiffer than the Silvertip fiber bristles. These synthetic hairs feel just as soft and comfortable as the different types of badger hair.

More and more of our customers are also asking for a synthetic shaving brush because they have ethical objections. The Badger's hair all comes from China. Well, we know that people in China do not treat people and animals so gently. The time has now come that the major shaving brush manufacturers are investing more in synthetic bristles and are gradually phasing out the Badger Hair range.

More natural artisanal shaving products

Compared to 5 years ago, many traditional shaving and beard brands have been introduced to the market. We have also purchased many new brands in recent years. These are shaving products that are produced on a small scale and manually. Sales of these brands have also increased considerably. These small brands experiment a lot with natural and pure plant or animal ingredients. They also use many exciting and exotic fragrance oils.

Many of our customers are tired of the standard mass brands and are looking for honest products without all kinds of vague synthetic ingredients. The major mass brands are focused on mass sales and minimal costs. Because as many people as possible have to find it pleasant, you get the 'airplane food effect'. As a result, many of these care products smell the same.

Are you also tired of your cheap shaving soap or aerosol foam? Then switch and use a nice traditional shaving soap or after shave balm with a nice scent.