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Safety Razor

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The safety razor is back. Why? It not only shaves well, but also comfortably and smoothly. In addition, it prevents ingrown beard hairs and other stubborn shaving irritations. Whether you have sensitive skin or light or heavy beard growth, there is always a safety razor that suits your skin and beard. And best of all, it's affordable too. With a safety razor you save a lot of money, while you enjoy the ultimate shaving experience and a perfectly smooth and fresh shave.

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What is the safety razor?

The safety razor is the predecessor of the current multiblade cartridge razors. In the early 1900s, Gillette received the patent for the current double edge disposable razor blade and the accompanying safety razor. As the Gillette razor became part of the standard equipment of the US Army during World War I, the double edge razor system became a huge success worldwide. Since the beginning, billions of men around the world have been shaving with the razor.

Why buy a safety razor?

We sell dozens of safety razors every day in our store. 99% of our customers who shave with the safety razor indicate that it is a very comfortable, efficient and close shave. We now dare to claim that it shaves better, smoother, more comfortably and smoother than today's modern razors.

The individual DE blades cost an average of €0.25 each. Compared to modern razor systems from well-known brands, you will save a lot of money annually. In addition, you will suffer much less from shaving irritations, such as a chafing or burning sensation and ingrown beard hairs. Less is more. We always say here, “Your skin is not made to be run over with a knife.” With the multi-blade razors, 3 to 5 blades scrape over your skin at the same time. This causes razor burn. The safety razor consists of one blade that glides over your skin. Because it is a universal system and the various razor brands have different shaving properties, you can easily put together the right combination and tailor it to your skin and beard. Finally, it is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than modern disposable blades. The double edge blade consists only of metal. Modern catridge blades usually consist of different materials, such as metal and plastic.

Most razor holders are made of durable materials, such as metal, wood and hard plastics. This means that a holder often lasts an average of 10 years. This also makes it easier to maintain and clean the razor.

Which safety razor should I buy?

Buying a safety razor is serious business. A razor holder with a closed comb is the most common razor system and very popular with most wet shavers. These are suitable for light to normal beard growth and for sensitive or vulnerable skin. Thanks to the closed comb , the double edge razor blade is safely embedded and therefore shaves very efficiently, smoothly and comfortably. The safety razor with an open comb shaves slightly more aggressively. The teeth in the shaving head allow the blade to be slightly more open and closer to the skin. This system is more suitable for normal skin and coarse beard hair or strong beard growth.

Do you want to change razor blades easily and quickly? Then you buy the safety razor with a butterfly closure or 'twist-to-open' closure. There is often a rotary knob at the bottom of the handle. When you turn this, the top half of the shaving head opens. You can then place the razor blade in it and clamp it. Razors with a butterfly closure are more suitable for light to normal beard growth.

The high-tech razors have an adjustable shaving head. This type can be tailored to your personal shaving technique. The rotating mechanism in the handle allows the top half of the shaving head to be adjusted downwards or upwards. This causes the razor blade to lie more or less open in the shaving head. If the blade is less open, it shaves mildly. If you turn the handle, the top half of the shaving head will rise more. This makes the blade more open and shaves a little more aggressively.

Safety razor brands

Always buy a safety razor from the following razor manufacturers:
- Boker
- Edwin Jagger
- Feather
- Merkur
- Timor

The quality of these brands is top. They are all robust and durable razors. These manufacturers also put a lot of energy into research and development of the most optimal razor system.

Choose a suitable razor

The safety razors with closed comb from the English Edwin Jagger and German Muhle are suitable for light to normal beard growth and for sensitive skin. Timor and Feather have various razors with the handy butterfly closure. The German Merkur produces very robust razors. Merkur has the most varied offering. Razors with short and long handles and different sizes. Razors with closed and open comb and with an adjustable shaving head. They produce a suitable safety razor for every type of skin and beard growth.

Razor blades for the safety razor

The double edge razor blades are universal and fit in any safety razor. There are razor blades for normal beard growth or for coarse beard hair. Each brand of safety razor has its own shaving properties: from mildly sharp and forgiving to medium and extremely sharp.

Instructions for shaving with the safety razor

Shaving with the double edge safety razor is not difficult. After one week you'll have mastered it.

First soap and prepare the face thoroughly. Hold the razor lightly and smoothly between your thumb and index finger at the top of the handle. Hold the razor at a 30 degree angle to the skin and let the razor do its work. So do not apply pressure to the skin. Shave with gentle movements. Shave as much as possible with the beard hairs and, if necessary, against the direction of beard growth. If you shave against the direction of hair growth, you should hold the razor with 2 or 3 fingers as much as possible at the bottom of the handle. This prevents you from exerting too much pressure.

After use, rinse the safety razor thoroughly. Do not pat the razor dry on a hard surface. Then store it safely and out of the reach of children.

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