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How do I prevent dry skin after shaving?

Hoe voorkom ik een droge huid na het scheren? - Manandshaving

Skin care is not a popular topic among many men. Skin care takes time and we often don't feel like applying sticky creams to our skin. But if you suffer from dry, flaky skin after shaving, you still want to take some care. Red, painful, chapped and itchy skin is no fun and not good for your self-confidence. In that case, moisturizers come into play.

The science behind the causes of dry skin

The idea of ​​"my skin will sort itself out" is of course wishful thinking and doesn't solve anything. To get healthy and itch-free skin, it is best to 'listen' to your skin and give it the attention it needs. Unfortunately, the search for the right and effective care is not easy. For the right solution to the problem, you first need to know what dry skin is.

One of the main causes of dry skin is a decrease in the production of natural oils (sebum) in the skin. It doesn't matter whether you work in construction or finance, because the causes of dry skin are both external and internal. Internal factors include aging, genetics or certain medical conditions. External factors include perfumed shaving products, exposure to harsh chemicals, showering with hot water or often working outside in cold weather. These factors can strip the skin of its natural oils, causing the skin to become dry. Shaving, shaving soaps and the razor further irritate dry skin.

What should a moisturizer do?

A good moisturizer ensures that the skin retains moisture better and contains little or no perfume or fragrances. Many moisturizers contain so-called moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and substances that nourish and soothe the skin, for example vitamins C and E.

Tips for repairing dry and irritated skin after shaving

The secret to healthy and fresh skin is not that complicated. But it's essential to add the steps below to your morning routine during and after shaving. We call this the "smooth operator routine":

Before shaving

  • Wash your face with warm (not hot!) water. Washing your face with warm water opens the pores and softens the hair follicles. This means less force is needed to make the shave a success.
  • Use a pre-shave cream or oil
  • Use a classic neutral shaving soap or shaving cream without perfume and alcohol.
  • Shave with a safety razor instead of a multi-blade cartridge razor

After shaving

  • Wash your face with cool water to soothe the skin and close the pores.
  • Apply a moisturizer to hydrate the skin and lock in the skin's natural moisture and soothe the skin. Additionally, the moisturizer helps protect the skin by forming a barrier over the affected area. Applying moisturizer is the most important part of having soft skin after shaving. Also remember to shave with the grain, without pressing the razor too hard against the skin.