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Product reviews of the double edge razor blades

Productreviews van de double edge scheermesjes - Manandshaving

Our highly valued customer Mr Verbeeck from Kontich, Belgium, has tested various double edge razor blades in recent months using an almost scientific method. He recently shared his findings with us. As you know, we really appreciate it when customers take the time to inform us about our beautiful shaving products. In this special blog you can read the reviews of the razor blades. Enjoy reading.

Approach to reviewing razor blades

The research was started purely out of interest and curiosity about the quality of the razor blades during normal use. So normal use means how long do they last without overdoing it. Fortunately, Mr Verbeeck was not tempted by so-called 'shaving sadomasochism'; using razor blades that are too blunt for too long so that a comfortable shave is no longer possible. As soon as the blade is blunt, it goes into the trash. Quite annoying, going on for too long means irritation and razor burn all day long. Of course, Mr Verbeeck's results are subjective.

The following 4 favorite brands have been tested and described:

  • Feather
  • Astra
  • Wilkinson
  • Merkur

He was very pleased with the product information on our website. The description of the sharpness corresponds to his own observations. His experience is also that the Feather razor blades are very sharp and Merkur is comfortably sharp.

The safety razors used

During the testing process he used the following razors :

  • Merkur 38C double edge safety razor
  • Merkur 39C Slant Bar double edge safety razor slanted shaving head

The length and weight of these safety razors ensure a pleasant balance in the hand while shaving. These razors are ideal for normal to heavy beard growth. The shaving head of the Merkur 39C has an angled shaving head. This creates a slight diagonal angle on the skin.

The personal shaving process

According to Mr Verbeeck, he has normal beard growth. He always starts with some lukewarm to warm water on a washcloth and disinfects the skin with Isobetadine soap. Occasionally he uses Tea tree oil to disinfect.

He then uses the Proraso pre-shave cream with Eucalyptus extracts and Menthol: nice and fresh. He does not rinse off the pre-shave and starts lathering with the fresh Proraso Green shaving soap. The whipped shaving foam goes over the pre-shave. After 1 minute of applying it to the cheeks with the shaving brush, the beard hairs have become softer and you have a wonderfully thick, creamy protective layer. He adds a little bit of tea tree oil to the shaving foam. This makes the shaving foam even thicker and smoother. Just for your information, Tea tree oil comes from the Tea Tree in Australia. It has a skin disinfectant and caring effect. The beneficial effects of this oil have been known to the Aboriginal people for centuries.

After shaving, he rinses everything clean with nice cold water and treats the skin with Tea tree oil again. The oil is absorbed into the skin well and does not leave a greasy film. After each shaving session, both the razor and the blades are cleaned and dried. This ensures a longer lifespan of the razor blades and therefore more shaving comfort.

Feather Hi Stainless Double Edge razor blades 10 pieces

The sharpness of this Japanese is unparalleled. The Astra comes close, but the Feather is the Pitbull in the list. A stubble eater of size. Men who want a super smooth shave should shave with Feather.
But beware, Feather is not always a sweetheart. Sometimes he shows his teeth, just like the Pitbull. But the hand of the master is decisive. A little too much pressure on the safety razor or using a shaving angle that is too blunt can quickly cause a razor burn. Shave with gentle movements, take your time and above all do not apply pressure. Simply gently pressing the razor against the skin is more than enough.

Number of shaves: maximum 9.

Astra Double Edge razor blades Superior Platinum

The Russian Astra razor blades are also performing strongly (we have stopped selling this brand since Russia's invasion of Ukraine). Slightly less aggressively sharp than the Feather, but certainly pleasant. Also be careful with these blades that you do not apply too much pressure. Here too, the advice is to gently glide the razor on the skin and take your time.

Number of shaves: maximum 7.

Wilkinson double edge razor blades Sword

Wilkinson sounds Anglo-Saxon, but he is a true German. The quality is impressive and it is surprisingly sharp, so slightly sharper than the Merkur. And less sharp than the Feather and the Astra. Also pay close attention when shaving with this brand, because it can be a biter. So apply all the previously mentioned shaving rules carefully. But it can certainly also be called a winner in terms of pleasant shaving.

Number of shaves: maximum 12.

Wilkinson Sword Double Edge 5 Pack - Case of 20 Wholesale

Merkur double edge razor blades Super Platinum 10 pieces

This German is clearly less sharp than the previous two (Feather and Astra), but has a surprisingly long practical effect without razor burn. Interesting and remarkable actually. Due to the slightly less sharpness, you sometimes have to adjust the diagonal shaving angle slightly, but the result is also more than good. It is forgiving and therefore little chance of irritation, if you follow the shaving rules carefully. Recommended for finer skin or for men who easily suffer from razor burn.

You can shave 13 times with it effortlessly without irritation. From the 14th onwards it finally ends: a tight feeling and that certainly heralds the end. Bravo for this 'Fritz', because the quality is top. Credit where credit is due!

Number of shaves: maximum 13.