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Beard oil

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Looking for the right beard oil for your beard? At Manandshaving you will find an extensive collection of beard oils that perfectly match the needs of your beard. Our beard oils soften the beard hairs and provide a radiant, shiny beard. In addition, they also help prevent dry and flaky skin under the beard. Discover our range of beard oils now and give your beard the care it deserves.

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How do you use a beard oil?

A few drops are sufficient for most beards. Put a few drops in your hand, spread it over the mustache and beard and then massage in well. First rub the oil in the direction of beard growth and then massage it against the direction. This also ensures that the oil is well distributed on the skin. Then brush your beard thoroughly with a beard brush ; This ensures that the oil is distributed more evenly. The beard oil, which you can buy in our webshop, does the rest. A beard requires care; What you put in must come out. Therefore, clean your beard after a few days with a special beard shampoo .

Why use a beard oil?

When it comes to a young beard, the beard hairs can feel hard and stiff. Beard oil makes the beard hairs comfortably softer. The beard will also look neater. The skin under the beard can also irritate and flake. Especially in the beginning of your beard, many beard wearers will notice slight skin irritation under the beard. Very irritating and annoying, because it also itches. Then you start rubbing and scratching and it only gets worse. Instead of scratching, it is much better to use an oil and massage it. The oil is absorbed by the skin, reducing irritation. Most beard care products are made from natural materials and essential oils. There are thin and thick oily beard oils. A thin oil is immediately absorbed by the beard hairs and skin. The caring effect lasts less time. A thick oil is absorbed less quickly. The effect does take a little longer. If you suffer from dry, flaky skin, you will benefit greatly from a thick oil. The choice is of course personal.

Do you have a beautiful full beard and do you suffer from a fluffy beard? Then use an oil after cleaning. The beard hairs absorb the oil, making it less frizzy and better able to keep your beard in shape.

Which beard oil should you buy?

Most beard products consist of a mix of various nourishing vegetable oils, such as sandalwood oil, mint oil, citrus oil, castor oil, argan oil or almond oil. The oil therefore has a light scent of these oils. The main scents are: wood, mint and citrus. Some beard oils are scented. These contain additional added perfume or fragrance ingredients. Many beard oil products have a slightly warm woody scent, such as the Damn Good Soap oil The Woods. The Mr Bear Family Woodland has a beautiful forest scent. Some beard oils have a fresh citrus scent or a pleasantly invigorating mint scent, such as those from Dr K Soap Company. The Cuban Blend from Bluebeards Revenge has a soft tobacco scent. The Single Blade beard line from Proraso is a very complete beard care line including 4 different beard oils: Refreshing, Azur Lime, Cypress & Vetyver and Wood & Spice. The beard oil from the Swedish skin care brand Recipe for Men, which you can also buy from us, is neutral and odorless. That is why it is suitable for really sensitive skin.

Which brands sell beard oil?

You will find many beautiful brands in our range. Many beard care brands are produced using traditional methods. In the Netherlands we have Damn Good Soap Company. The well-known product and fragrance lines of this brand are: Original, The Woods and The Streets. The extravagant premium beard brand Leonis Barbam is produced in Belgium. Björn Landén started at the kitchen table in 2012 with the production of the Swedish Mr Bear Family. This beard care brand is now sold worldwide. Mr Bear Famliy has a complete range of beard care with various coordinated product and fragrance lines. Rob from the Irish Dr K Soap Company has been making beard care products using traditional methods since 2011. These beard products contain a lot of fresh mint oil. The major men's brands, such as Acca Kappa, Proraso, Truefitt and Hill and Taylor of Old Bond Street, also sell great products for the beard. The Portuguese Antiga Barbearia de Bairro has a lightly perfumed beard oil. This oil has a sweet moss-like scent. Very popular in the barbershop is the beard oil from the American hipster brand Suavecito.

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