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Modern razor

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A comfortable shave and a perfectly smooth shave starts with the right razor . Buying a razor is serious business. Design razor holders for Gillette Mach3 and Fusion razor blades. Do you shave your head? Then use the ergonomic razors from HeadBlade. You can also save money! Buy Raz*War razors. Top quality razor blades for a reasonable price.

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Which cartridge razor should I buy?

The modern cartridge razor consists of a razor holder with interchangeable razor blades with 3 or 5 razor blades: 3-blade or 5-blade. The modern cartridge razor shaves easily, efficiently and comfortably. Because the razor contains multiple blades, you have even pressure distribution on the skin and you get a super smooth shave in one go. The blades move smoothly over the skin and the curves of your face. After use, you can easily rinse and replace the blade. Because these blades often have a wide protective edge or frame around the blades, they are less suitable for closely shaving the beard contours of your beard.

Many people complain about the high costs of razor blades from the major well-known razor brands. The Belgian Raz*War sells 3-blade and 5-blade razor blades for an affordable price.

Which razor is suitable for shaving my head?

Shaving your head is easier and more pleasant with the special razors from HeadBlade. The ergonomics of this type of razor holder provides a smooth and controllable grip while shaving the head. HeadBlade razors have a half rubber eye at the top as a grip. Stick your index finger in this eye. The razor holder has the curve of your head. This allows you to manipulate the razor above your head smoothly and controllably. HeadBlade also has various multi-blade blades for every type of razor.

Which brands sell cartridge razors?

The major razor manufacturers, such as the German Muhle and English Edwin Jagger, produce various designer razor holders for the well-known Gillette® Mach3™ and Fusion™ razor blades. The American HeadBlade has a complete range of razors, shaving products and skin care for shaving the head and caring for the scalp. Pierre de Nayer from Belgium was very annoyed by the price of the well-known razor brands. He started developing Raz*War . The affordable alternative to the expensive modern cartridge razor blades. Same quality and competitively priced. Raz*War has a complete range of 3-blade and 5-blade razors, razors and shaving products.

How should I shave with the modern razor?

Preparation is half the battle. Protect your skin optimally and ensure a fresh and smooth shave. Beard hairs are as hard as copper wires. But also absorb water. So take your time. Apply shaving cream, shaving soap or shaving foam to the face for at least 1 minute. This makes the beard hairs softer and softer. This makes shaving easier. Applying less pressure with the razor contributes to more shaving comfort. This means you will have fewer shaving irritations afterwards. If necessary, use a preshave cream or oil before shaving. This provides extra shaving comfort. Shave with the beard hairs as much as possible and then against the beard hairs if necessary. Rinse the razor clean after use.

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