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Shaving set and shaving bowl

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My shaving ritual starts with a good shaving set. A beautiful complete shaving set with a top quality shaving brush, razor and accompanying holder for a perfectly smooth shave can be found at Manandshaving. You can easily order the products online. The shaving brushes we sell are made of 100% badger hair or synthetic hair. Razor holders are suitable for either Gillette® Fusion™ or Mach3™ razor blades. You can also opt for a shaving set with a classic safety razor, with or without shaving bowl. Go for a stylish, classic design or modern and ergonomic design.

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A shaving set on your bathroom shelf

You see them more and more often in the bathroom: a complete luxury shaving set. More and more men are switching to classic wet shaving and using high-quality shaving kits. And that's not surprising; the day only starts well with a nice, fresh and comfortable shave, a good breakfast, freshly squeezed orange juice and the newspaper. You can achieve the perfect shave with our shaving sets, consisting of a shaving brush, razor and the accompanying holder .

Some shaving sets also have a metal shaving bowl. There is a huge range; classic or modern design. We offer shaving sets with a classic safety razor, a Gillette Mach3 or Fusion razor. But how do you choose the right one?

Why should I buy a shaving set?

With complete shaving sets you always have everything immediately at hand while shaving. Both the razor and the shaving brush hang perfectly in the right holder and can thus diffuse well. This keeps your shaving kit clean and beautiful. A shaving brush will last longer if you hang it upside down in a shaving brush holder. It is of course also fresher and more hygienic if it hangs freely.

Choose from various brands

The components of your shaving sets are well matched in terms of design, color and material. The German Muhle and English Edwin Jagger produce luxurious designer shaving sets with a Gillette Mach3 or Fusion razor or a safety razor. Both shaving manufacturers are market leaders in top quality shaving products. Edwin Jagger's shaving sets have a classic and timeless design. Muhle has a contemporary and modern design. A shaving set is the ultimate men's tool.

I want to buy a shaving set. What should I pay attention to?

Choosing your shaving kit naturally starts with the type of razor. The modern everyday Gillette razor is still very popular. Many men shave with a Mach3 or a Fusion razor. The Mach3 razor is a so-called 3-blade razor. The Fusion razor consists of 5 razor blades (5-blade). There are shaving sets with a Gillette Mach3 and Fusion razor holder. The handle of these luxurious designer razors is made of very high-quality water-resistant materials, such as chrome-plated metal, plastic and durable and processed ash wood, plum tree wood and olive tree wood.

Many men switch to shaving with a double edge safety razor. 99% of the people who switch and now wet shave with the safety razor every day are enthusiastic. Our customers say it is even a better, more pleasant, closer and smoother shave compared to Gillette Mach3 and Fusion, Wilkinson Quattro and Boldking.

Is shaving with the safety razor difficult? Shaving with the safety razor does not mean that you have to learn to shave again. It takes some getting used to at first. After one week you will have completely mastered it and it will shave as easily and smoothly as a modern razor. Fortunately, there are many beautiful complete shaving sets from Edwin Jagger and Muhle with a safety razor.

Why does a shaving set have a shaving brush?

Each shaving set has a shaving brush. You need a shaving brush to foam up the shaving soap or shaving cream. Without a shaving brush you will not get a nice, full and rich shaving foam. The combination of lukewarm water, shaving brush and shaving soap or shaving cream provides the most comfortable shave. And a fresh and smooth shave. Most shaving brushes are made of badger hair. Many of our customers prefer a badger hair shaving brush.

Nowadays, shaving brushes with synthetic bristles are in high demand. European manufacturers such as Muhle and Edwin Jagger are also increasingly investing in the production of top quality synthetic bristles for their shaving brushes. These synthetic hairs have practically the same properties as badger hairs. Objection to a shaving brush made of animal hair? Or are you allergic to animal hair? Then you buy a shaving set with a synthetic bristle shaving brush.

After use, clean the shaving brush thoroughly with lukewarm water, blow it dry and finally hang it upside down in the accompanying shaving brush holder.

Do I need a shaving bowl or not?

Half of our customers prefer to use a shaving bowl to make shaving foam. The other half applies the shaving foam directly to the face. Some shaving sets also have a handy shaving bowl. Various shaving soaps fit perfectly in the corresponding shaving bowl. Just stir the shaving soap with your shaving brush and you have shaving foam for shaving. You can also put a little shaving cream from the tube in the shaving tray and then make your foam. Some customers find the shaving bowl of the shaving set too small and prefer a separate shaving bowl.

Porcelain shaving bowls are very popular. They fit comfortably in your hand and you can easily make a nice full shaving cream. The advantage of a shaving bowl is that you can make a lot of shaving foam with a little shaving soap or cream. You have sufficient shaving foam at hand while shaving. The choice is again personal.

Shaving set with safety razor

Every day we sell shaving sets with a safety razor . We have the largest range of shaving sets from Edwin Jagger and Muhle. These shaving sets have both badger hair and synthetic hair shaving brushes. The Edwin Jagger holder for the razor and shaving brush is rock solid. These shaving sets have a traditional classic design. The Muhle RYTMO and Traditional shaving sets are very popular. They are luxurious modern shaving sets and affordable. The VIVO shaving sets have a handle made of beautiful plum tree wood.

Shaving set with Gillette Mach3 razor

Our range of shaving sets with Gillette Mach3 is impressive. The choice is huge. We sell the luxurious and more expensive Plaza and Chatsworth shaving lines from Edwin Jagger as well as the affordable Diffusion Collection shaving sets. These affordable shaving sets have a synthetic hair shaving brush and a shaving bowl. The handles of the shaving brushes and razors are made of high-quality plastic and chrome-plated metal. The shaving bowls have a diameter of 8.5 cm. Many of our customers buy a Muhle RYTMO or VIVO shaving set. The sets made of ash wood and plum tree wood are especially popular. These shaving sets also have a metal shaving bowl with a diameter of 8.5 centimeters. For a little more money you can buy a luxurious designer STYLO shaving set. Both the razors and shaving brushes in this range have an ergonomic and balanced design.

Shaving set with Gillette Fusion razor

Our range of shaving sets with Gillette Fusion is very varied. There is something for everyone. We sell the affordable Diffusion Collection shaving sets from Edwin Jagger every day. These shaving sets also have a handy metal shaving bowl for your favorite shaving soap. Due to the balanced design and the weight of the handle, this Fusion razor shaves more comfortably than the standard Gillette razors. Moreover, the material is superior and durable. The Muhle RYTMO shaving sets with the Fusion razor are also nicely priced.

Complete shaving sets with shaving brush and razor from Muhle and Edwin Jagger

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