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Mustache pomade

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Do you always want to have the perfect mustache, regardless of the circumstances? Then buying your favorite mustache pomade is serious business. Whether you have a beautiful Rollie Fingers, a heavy Frank Zappa or an extravagant Salvador Dali mustache, there is a suitable mustache wax available for every type of mustache.

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Why use a mustache pomade?

A beautiful mustache gives your face a completely different look. Which mustache suits you is of course personal and depends on your beard growth and the shape of your face. It can sometimes take months before you have the ideal or perfect mustache. Inadequate care and your mustache will work against you. And you don't want that. A mustache pomade or mustache wax is the tool to get your mustache into the right model. The curl at the end of the mustache is very popular. With the help of enough mustache wax you can create the perfect curl in your mustache.

How do you use a mustache pomade?

Use a small amount of mustache pomade for your mustache. Liquidize the pomade between the palms or fingers, apply and distribute over the mustache. Then shape the mustache into the correct shape. Use a special mustache comb for the finishing touch. A mustache requires a lot of maintenance. Regular pruning and trimming ensure a nice, tight mustache. Also don't forget to wash it weekly with beard soap or beard shampoo. Do you suffer from a faded gray mustache? No problem. There are various mustache pomades with a color in them.

Which mustache pomade should you buy?

The main components of mustache pomade are beeswax, paraffin and various vegetable essential oils. Most well-known mustache and beard care brands use pure and natural ingredients as much as possible. Captain Fawcett's Expedition Strength provides extra hold. The English Edwin Jagger also has various mustache pomades for extra strength. Most mustache pomades all have masculine scents and smell like Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Lavender or Citrus.

Which brands sell mustache pomade?

Many mustache care products are produced using traditional methods. In the Netherlands we have the mustache and beard brand Damn Good Soap Company . The owner still does the production himself. Occasionally his mother also helps. The mustache wax from this brand smells nice and fresh, like Bergamot oil. Björn Landén started at the kitchen table in 2012 with the production of the Swedish Mr Bear Family . This beard care brand is now sold worldwide. The well-known product and fragrance lines of Mr Bear Family are: Citrus, Wilderness and Woodland. You will find the English Captain Fawcett's in every barbershop. This brand has a Lavender, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang mustache pomade. The classic American barbershop brand Clubman Pinaud sells mustache pomades with a color in them: black, brown and light brown. This allows you to shape and color the mustache. You apply these products with the handy comb supplied. The trendy modern Bluebeards Revenge with the skull logo also has a very good mustache wax. The major classic men's brands, such as DR Harris , Proraso , Truefitt and Hill and Taylor of Old Bond Street, also sell various beautiful products for the mustache.

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