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5 tips for safe shaving with the straight razor

5 tips voor veilig scheren met het open scheermes - Manandshaving

We sell straight razors every day and we regularly explain how to handle the straight razor safely. We also regularly receive questions about safe shaving. In this blog we explain how to handle the razor safely as a novice shaver.

Don't start shaving straight away!

As a novice straight razor shaver, you usually want a close shave right away. Our advice is not to shave close, especially in the beginning. First shave off the shaving foam from your cheeks and the beard hairs will come along automatically. Take your time. Don't shave during the week, but start slowly at the weekend. Don't immediately shave the difficult parts of your face at first. For the first few weeks, shave only the sideburns and cheeks. After a few weeks, carefully work on the neck area and chin. In short, take it easy: Rome wasn't built in a day.

Tip 1 Close the razor after use

Only use the razor for shaving the beard hairs. The ergonomics of the straight razor are made for shaving facial hair. Do not use the blade for other purposes or for shaving the scalp or body hair. Many people tend to gently feel the sharpness with their fingers. Don't do that because the razor is razor sharp.

Don't walk around with an open razor. After use, close the blade or shaving foil in the handle. Fold the blade slowly and carefully into the handle. This prevents the blade from catching on the handle or cutting your fingers.

Tip 2 Clean the razor thoroughly after use

Hygiene while shaving is super important. After use, clean the razor well with water and carefully dry it with a soft cloth or tissue.

While shaving, rinse the razor under running water. Rubber wiper trays are commercially available for cleaning the razor. Our advice is not to use these scraper trays. You run the risk of damaging the edge during stripping. It is better to simply rinse the blade under running water.

Tip 3 Don't catch the razor when it falls

A normal human reaction is that if you accidentally drop it, you will reflexively catch the object with your hands or feet. Don't do that with a straight razor. Do not catch the opened razor with your hands or feet. Just drop it.

To prevent the razor from being damaged after a fall, it is best to stand on a nice, soft, deep-pile bathroom mat.

Tip 4 Don't shave naked

Do not shave naked in the shower with a straight razor. You run the risk of slipping. Just stand in front of the mirror and shave. Also don't shave naked. If the open razor falls from your hands, it could possibly hit your young man with all the consequences that entails. And that is of course the last thing you want.

Tip 5 Store the razor safely

Store the razor safely closed after use. Make sure that children cannot reach it. So store it out of sight or high up.

Watch our instructional video on how to shave safely with the straight razor.