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How to shave your balls comfortably and smoothly?

Hoe moet je je ballen comfortabel glad scheren? - Manandshaving

It used to be taboo to worry about the appearance of your crown jewels underneath. If everything between your legs just did what Mother Nature told it to do, then that was fine. Nowadays it is the most normal thing to shave or trim your pubic hair and your balls. If you decide to shave everything at the bottom, do it carefully and judiciously and use the right shaving tools. Balls & shave management is the safe, comfortable and smooth shaving of your balls and pubic hair with a razor and shaving foam.

Why should you shave your pubic hair?

Influencers on the internet try to convince you that you should shave your balls clean. As far as we are concerned, you don't have to do anything at all. If you want your pubic hair to grow nicely, then just do it. It is of course quite difficult to shave everything smoothly at the bottom. You don't have good vision and the skin of your balls is thin and fragile. You run the risk of razor burns and annoying itchy razor bumps and ingrown hairs. And of course it also takes a lot of time.

You should always decide for yourself whether or not you are going to trim your pubic area. Shaving pubic hair does have some advantages:

  • Hygiene
  • It feels better
  • Your penis appears much longer
  • Your partner in bed appreciates well-groomed crown jewels

If you are not careful and do not clean properly, it can become very unpleasant between the legs. Sweat and bacteria linger faster and longer in the pubic hair. If you shave your testicles bald and smooth, you can clean and keep them much better. Ultimately, everyone wants clean and fresh balls between their legs.

Pubic hair feels stiff and rough. If you shave everything smoothly, your balls will feel much softer and more pleasant.

If you let the pubic hair grow, your penis will be hidden and hidden in the 'jungle'. If you shave or trim your pubic area, it will all look a little bigger and longer.

If we have to believe everyone, a relationship is always about the inner and not about the height of your male gender. People often say: 'Size doesn't matter'. But ultimately, many women prefer well-groomed, clean-shaven balls and a short, trimmed pubic area.

Which razor is suitable for shaving your balls?

For hygiene reasons, it is not cool to use one razor blade for both the face and pubic area. It is best to reserve a separate razor blade for the bottom. For a comfortable and safe smooth shave of the pubic area, it is best to use a razor from, for example , Gillette or Raz*War . These multiblade razors have a movable shaving head. This allows you to shave the curves of your balls smoothly. The shaving heads of these razor blades have rounded corners and wide protective edges around the sharp blades. Because the razor contains 3 to 5 blades and are close together, you have an even pressure distribution on the skin. This ensures safer shaving and less chance of razor burns.

A razor with a short handle can be handled better and more smoothly than a razor holder with a heavy and long handle. The following razors have a handy small handle:

Muhle travel razor Fusion TRAVEL black aluminum

Muhle RYTMO razor Mach3 black

Muhle VIVO razor Fusion Black

How should you shave your balls?

Balls & shave management is about protection, protection and protection. You should protect your crown jewels well before going over them with a sharp razor.

Below is the step-by-step plan for an optimally comfortable and smooth shave of your balls:

  1. First take a shower and cleanse , this will calm the skin and make everything underneath fresh and clean. The water softens the pubic hair.
  2. Always use a shaving cream . Apply it with your fingers, distribute well and foam thoroughly with your fingers. A good shaving cream feels greasy and produces a creamy, full-fat shaving foam. It protects the skin and provides a good protective sliding layer. The razor glides better over the skin and does not make contact with the skin.
  3. Protect your skin while shaving. Always use sufficient shaving foam.
  4. Wet the razor with lukewarm water. Cold steel of the blade directly on your warm scrotum does not feel pleasant.
  5. Pull the skin taut and flat. The flatter the surface, the better and smoother the razor shaves.
  6. Shave with gentle movements . Above all, do not apply pressure to the skin.
  7. Always shave in the direction of hair growth. If you are not satisfied, do not apply more pressure or shave against the direction of hair growth.
  8. Rinse your razor thoroughly while shaving . Razor blades quickly become clogged and therefore shave less well. This ultimately causes more irritation while shaving.
  9. Clean and dry the razor thoroughly after use . After use, rub the blade on a dry towel a few times. This allows you to clean and polish the edge of the blades. Clean and dry blades stay sharp for longer.

The after shave treatment of the pubic area

After shaving, pat everything dry with a clean towel and, if necessary, care for and moisturize the freshly shaved skin with a body lotion. After shaving, the skin may feel chapped and chafe between the legs. Use a little bit of talcum powder. Talcum powder softens and soothes chapped skin and prevents it from chafing.

How do you prevent itchy irritated balls?

If you use the wrong shaving technique or you do not use the right shaving products, you run the risk of having to walk around all day with itchy balls. What should you do to prevent razor burn and annoying razor bumps?

  • Don't shave your pubic area too often . Our advice is to shave everything at the bottom a maximum of once a week. If the skin is irritated, you should postpone shaving for a few days.
  • Always use a sharp and clean razor . Dull razors do not shave but pull the hair. This causes burning and chapped skin. Bacteria can build up in dirty razor blades and can irritate freshly shaved skin.
  • Always use a classic shaving cream instead of ready-made shaving foam from a spray can. The regular cheap shaving foam cans from the supermarket contain all kinds of vague chemical ingredients. And your crown jewels are too precious to be smeared with junk. A good shaving cream consists mainly of pure natural vegetable and/or animal oils and fats and much fewer synthetic ingredients. A shaving cream is a super-greasy soap and has a smooth, full-fat composition. You can apply and distribute it well. The shaving foam also has excellent protective properties.
  • Use unscented shaving products as much as possible . Many shaving products are scented and often contain synthetic fragrance oils or perfume ingredients. The added fragrances can irritate the skin.
  • Always use mild care products.
  • Do not use alcohol-containing products. Do not apply after shave lotion or perfume after shaving.

How do you prevent sweaty and sticky balls?

In warm weather you often suffer from sweaty and sticky balls. Very annoying. Fortunately, there are various care products to properly care for the newly shaved balls to prevent irritations and sweating.

Talcum powder

In a previous blog we already mentioned that talcum powder can be used very well after shaving the facial skin. It absorbs moisture and sweat and reduces abrasive friction. Ideal for use between the legs. You can also use it immediately after shaving the pubic area. It has a cooling effect and remedies the chapped feeling of the skin after shaving. Put a small amount of talcum powder in your palm, divide it between your hands and then apply to the freshly shaved area.

If you hate powdering, the American Anthony Logistics has a specially developed body lotion for the body and the newly shaved pubic area.

Anthony body lotion No Sweat Body Defense 90ml

The No Sweat Body Defense is a talc-free body cream. It comes out as a cream and after application, rubbing in and drying, a light powdery layer remains on the skin. It has a cooling and actively caring and moisturizing effect and is suitable for the entire body. It contains, among other things, tapioca starch, aloe vera extracts, macadamia nut oil extracts and glycerin.