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Nice proverbs and expressions about shaving, mustaches and beards

Leuke spreekwoorden en uitdrukkingen over scheren, snorren en baarden - Manandshaving

Shaving and caring for your mustache and beard are part of daily life for many men. It is therefore not surprising that there are many nice proverbs and expressions regarding shaving , mustaches, beards and shaving products, such as razors and soap. We have listed well-known and lesser-known proverbs and sayings per category. If you know of any, please let us know.


  • Having the beard in the throat: the transition from child's voice to adult voice
  • The wolf has a beard but not a character: the character of people does not change quickly
  • A joke with a beard: a very old joke
  • Playing for the emperor's beard: playing for honor
  • To quarrel over the emperor's beard: to quarrel over something small
  • Fighting for the Emperor's beard: fighting for nothing
  • Making a beard of flax for God: hypocritical behavior


  • That's fine: it will all work out in the end
  • To wear a mustache: to be a little bit drunk
  • Pressing his mustache: being absent on purpose or simply not doing your job


  • To tar everything with the same brush: to equate everything and everyone
  • To make fun of something: to make fun of something or someone
  • If you are being shaved, you have to sit still: if there is sharp criticism of you or you are in an exciting situation, it is better not to respond immediately or to wait quietly until it is over

There are other expressions about shearing, but these relate to shearing sheep.


A tongue like a razor: a person who lashes out viciously with words


Kill/help/be: killing someone or causing something to fail