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Abbate Y La Mantia - Manandshaving

Abbate Y La Mantia

Abbate Y La Mantia is a real Italian family business from Tuscany. AYLM produces saffron. Since 2009, they have been processing the unique caring properties of saffron in very special artisanal shaving soaps and after shave balms. The characteristics of their shaving products are the distinctive scents, excellent shaving properties and the caring effect.

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Discover the Craft of Abbate Y La Mantia

Located in picturesque Grosseto, Italy, Abbate Y La Mantia embodies twenty years of craftsmanship in the cultivation of premium saffron. This family business transforms this precious spice into a core ingredient of their unparalleled cosmetics line using authentic methods. The continued commitment to innovation and naturalness results in cosmetics that capture the pure benefits of saffron, providing a distinctive experience in skin care and shaving rituals.

Exclusive Care Products from Abbate Y La Mantia

Pamper your skin and senses with Abbate Y La Mantia's exclusive collection, which embodies the antioxidant and restorative properties of saffron. Each product, from luxurious shaving soaps to moisturizing aftershaves and nourishing beard oils, is designed to enhance the natural balance and beauty of your skin. The distinctive, spicy scent of saffron enriches any care routine, creating a unique and refreshing experience. Step into the rich traditions of Italian care art and discover the benefits of real saffron in your daily routine.

With Abbate Y La Mantia you choose a brand that stands for sustainability, tradition and innovation. Be seduced by authentic Italian quality and transform your care rituals with the power of natural saffron.

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