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Ardennes Coticule - Manandshaving

Ardennes Coticule

Ardennes Coticule has been the supplier of sharpening and sharpening stones for sharpening and maintaining straight razors since 1865. The grinding stones come from the quarries in the Belgian Ardennes. The type of stone only occurs in the Ardennes. These quarries have been exploited since 1625. The sharpening stones are known for their unique sharpening properties.

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Ardennes Coticule: the legacy of Belgian whetstones

Ardennes Coticule continues a tradition that started in 1865 and is today the exclusive producer of the renowned Coticule and Belgian Blue Whetstones. These natural whetstones, known for their exceptional grinding qualities, are extracted from deposits that are more than 480 million years old in the Belgian Ardennes.

The unparalleled quality of Belgian whetstones

Characterized by its unique blend of gray-yellowish volcanic ash and hard garnet crystals, the Coticule stone offers unparalleled sharpening power. This is due to the specific geometric shape of the garnet crystals, which provide a razor-sharp finish in a remarkably fast time. Ardennes Coticule's commitment to traditional extraction and production methods ensures that each stone is a unique piece of heritage, embodying the essence of Belgian craftsmanship.

Handmade in Belgium

Ardennes Coticule's commitment to quality and tradition has been recognized with the 'Handmade in Belgium' label. This award reaffirms that all their whetstones are 100% handmade, locally sourced and crafted according to age-old traditions, making each stone a unique artefact.

Versatile application

Whether razors, kitchen knives or woodworking tools, the Belgian Coticule and BBW whetstones provide a superior sharpening experience. The stones are suitable for a wide range of applications, from professional chefs to carpenters, highlighting their versatility and efficiency in achieving the perfect edge.

Discover more about Ardennes Coticule and their prized Belgian whetstones.

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