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Bluebeards Revenge - Manandshaving

Bluebeard's Revenge

Bluebeards Revenge, the ultimate shaving experience for real men. Bluebeards Revenge's innovative shaving products slow down beard growth. The products consist of vegetable and sustainable ingredients. The Bluebeards Revenge was developed in one of the best men's cosmetics laboratories in the UK.

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The Story of Bluebeard's Revenge

The Bluebeards Revenge has been the ultimate shaving and grooming experience for real men since 2011. Unmistakably recognizable by the blue or silver pirate skull. For many men, shaving is a necessary evil. The Bluebeards Revenge responds to this by developing exciting and fun shaving and beard care products that simply do what they are supposed to do.

The Bluebeards Revenge range

It started with shaving cream and after shave balm of barbershop quality. The shaving cream softens the beard hairs, provides a fresh and smooth shave and is gentle on the skin. Shaving is no longer a punishment with Bluebeards Revenge shaving products. You can prevent shaving irritations with the pre-shave oil and the after-shave balm. You can use the preshave oil before shaving. This lobed oil provides an extra protective buffer between skin and blade. It also prevents the dehydrating effect of shaving soaps. The scent of the eau de toilette fully complements the shaving cream and after shave balm. A few puffs is enough to seduce the great love in your life.

Currently it also has a beard oil. The real BBR man takes care of his beard and mustache down to the last detail. BBR now has a complete beard care range.

Real men take care of themselves from head to toe. That is why BBR also has a deodorant, bath soap, shampoo, talcum powder and pomade. Do you suffer from dry or flaky skin? Then use the moisturizer to care for the entire face.

Men love good tools. The Bluebeards Revenge sells top quality hardware: razors, shavette razors, shaving brushes, beard scissors and combs. The "Cut-Throat" shavette razor is very popular and is widely used for shaving the beard contours. The regular double edge or single edge razor blades fit here. The Shaving Solution is a handy transparent shaving gel. This is often used for shaving beards. Because it is transparent you can clearly see the edges of the beard.

The shaving and beard care products do not contain parabens and have a recognizable classic barbershop scent with a fresh modern twist. The scent description is ozone, bergamot, basil, black tea, mint, sandalwood, oak moss and musk.

The Bluebeards Revenge is against animal testing. That is why their products are not tested on animals. Most products contain plant-based ingredients as much as possible. In recent years, various products have won various awards, such as the FHM Grooming Award and the Men's Health Grooming Award.

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