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Boker - Manandshaving


The famous Böker from Solingen is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe of razors, sports knives and kitchen knives, among others. Böker from Solingen has been producing razors since 1896. A new straight razor of impeccable quality is created in 170 artisanal production steps. And razor sharp.

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History Boker

Due to the increasing demand in a politically turbulent era, Hermann and Robert Boker decided to start producing sabers in 1829. From 1830 onwards there was already a weekly production of 2000 pieces, made by 64 smiths and 47 sharpeners. The famous Boker knives have been made in Solingen since 1869. Since its founding, one thing has always been the same: passion and enthusiasm for knives. Today, Boker is one of the largest knife manufacturers worldwide. The centuries-old chestnut tree at the Boker factory in the 17th century is the symbol and logo of Boker. This tree was felled by lightning in 1925. During the Second World War the factory in Solingen was completely destroyed. Production was restarted shortly after the war. The former craftsmen returned and helped reconstruct buildings and production to regain the high standard of production quality.

Boker straight razors

The Boker King Cutter straight razor is a true classic. This 5/8" razor has been around since the early 20th century. It is very suitable for daily use in the morning, even for the novice shaver. The King Cutter is easy to use, smooth to handle and provides excellent shaving results. razor is made of the best carbon steel from Solingen.

The Mother of Pearl and Schildpatt razors come from the Boker Premium Selection. The beautifully crafted handles of these razors are made of imitation mother of pearl and tortoiseshell. Parts of the blade are gold plated. Both razors are very robust and have a 5/8" and 6/8" blade. Striking etching detail in the blade is the shell and turtle. An important innovation is the third pin in the handle. This provides extra stability while shaving.

The safety razors from Boker

Boker's robust safety razors are a three-part system. The shaving head consists of 2 separate halves and screws onto the handle. Clamp the loose razor blade between these. The razor with the flat shaving head is ideal for a super close shave of the mustache and beard contours. This razor has an extra long handle.

In addition, there is a razor with a shaving head with an open tooth comb. The toothed shaving head makes the double edge razor blade more exposed and closer to the skin. This razor shaves slightly more aggressively compared to the closed comb. Because the teeth of the Boker razor are wide, you have an even pressure distribution on the skin. This ensures that the razor shaves efficiently and smoothly, but is not too aggressive. The open tooth comb is useful for shaving coarse, heavy beard growth or if the beard hairs have a nice length after a few weeks.

For quick and easy changes, Boker also has a razor with butterfly closure. There is a dial at the bottom of the handle. By turning this knob, the shaving head opens into which you can place the blade. This razor has a closed comb and is suitable for light to normal beard growth.

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