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Clubman Pinaud - Manandshaving

Clubman Pinaud

Clubman Pinaud, the classic shaving and skin care brand for men from America. Founded in 1810 by the French perfumer Edouard Pinaud. Edouard was the perfumer of the court of Napoleon III. Since 1900 it has been sold in every barbershop in the USA. Bob Hope, Kirk Douglas and Donald Trump are the well-known users of Clubman Pinaud.

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History Clubman Pinaud

Clubman Pinaud was founded in 1830 by the French businessman and perfumer Édouard Pinaud. As a 13-year-old boy, he apprenticed with the best perfumers. From the mid-19th century, his products and perfumes were sold worldwide. The American cosmetics group American International Industries has acquired the brand. Since then, the brand has focused entirely on men's care products. Clubman Pinaud is the popular American barbershop brand for complete man care. You will find Clubman Pinaud after shaves in many barbershops.

Clubman Pinaud range

The classic shaving soap and shaving cream should be foamed and applied with the shaving brush. Shaving soap has a hard composition and comes in a jar with a lid. The shaving cream is creamy and comes in a large tube. Both shaving products provide a comfortable shave and a nice, smooth, fresh shave. Both the shaving soap and shaving cream are neutral to lightly scented. Both are therefore suitable for dry and sensitive skin. In case of minor shaving wounds you can use the handy alum markers to stop the bleeding.

After shaving, use one of the wonderful after shaves. Clubman Pinaud's after shave products are very popular in barbershops. These shaving products are used by barbers worldwide. The alcohol-containing after shave disinfects and invigorates the skin. It provides fresh and well-groomed skin after shaving. After shaving, rinse with cold water. Then apply the after shave. The alcohol evaporates and that provides a fresh, invigorating feeling. The sting of the alcohol only lasts a few seconds and afterwards the skin feels fresh and pleasant. An after shave is ideal for normal to oily skin. During the day, the skin feels less sticky and greasy. The ultimate finishing touch after shaving is talcum powder. Use a little talcum powder after the after shave splash. Talcum powder soothes the skin and provides a calming and comfortable feeling on the skin.

Many men suffer from ingrown beard hairs and razor bumps. People with very curly or frizzy hair suffer from this a lot. The beard hair curls and grows further into the skin. Very irritating and annoying. Then use the Clubman Pinaud bump repair anti ingrown hair lotion after shaving. This gel disinfects deep into the pores, removes dead skin cells and softens the epidermis. It prevents ingrown beard hairs. You can apply it after shaving or use it in the evening.

After shaving the beard contours, the beard can be cared for with the beard oil. This oil softens the beard hairs and nourishes the skin under the beard. You have to keep a long, full beard in check. The neutral beard balm helps with this. Beard balm is actually a kind of pomade for the beard. Clubman Pinaud is one of the few suppliers of practical mustache pomades with a handy mustache comb. This makes it easy to distribute the mustache pomade for sculpting the mustache. The mustache pomades come in different colors: black, brown and light brown. Ideal for coloring the gray tips of the mustache and also washing it off.

There are various hair tonics and eau de portugal hair lotions for caring for the hair. These hair products care for and refresh the scalp. And ensure treatable hair.

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