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Anti ingrown hair

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Men with heavy beard growth or frizzy hair often suffer from ingrown beard hairs and razor bumps. Very annoying. Do you recognize this problem? Then use effective creams or lotions against ingrown beard hairs.

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Effect of anti ingrown hair lotions

The active ingredients of these shaving products, such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid or fruit acids, disinfect the skin, remove dead skin cells and soften the epidermis. This makes it easier to release ingrown beard hairs. It also prevents razor bumps and the burning sensation after shaving.

Use anti-ingrown hair lotions

You can apply these shaving products immediately or a few minutes after shaving. When first used, it may cause a tingling or pricking sensation on the skin. After a few minutes it soothes the skin and soothes shaving irritations. You can apply it in the evening if necessary. The product can then do its work all evening. Your skin is more or less prepared for the next morning's shave.

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