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Body care

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Take optimal care of your body with our Body Care collection. Clean, refresh and care for your largest organ, the skin, with our refreshing, invigorating and caring shower gels and bath soaps. Whether you need a boost in the morning or want to relax after exercise, our products provide a wonderful experience. Complete your routine with our nourishing deodorants for long-lasting freshness. We also offer products for top-fit ​​teeth and fresh breath.

Prevent the burning sensation and skin irritations after shaving with our high-quality after shave balms and after shave repair products. Our unscented and paraben-free formulas soothe and care for your skin optimally. Choose an invigorating after shave lotion or balm for a fresh feeling on the skin after shaving. Do you want to stop bleeding after shaving? Then use our alum products. And for those who suffer from ingrown hairs, we have a special anti-ingrown hair cream.

Discover our extensive Body Care collection and give yourself the care you deserve. Order now and enjoy optimal body care.

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