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Cologne and men's perfume

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Buying your favorite cologne or men's perfume is serious business. Are you looking for a men's fragrance that is subtle and not dominant? Then use a nice classic cologne. A men's perfume is a scent that suits you. A real men's fragrance is timeless and masculine.

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How do you use a cologne and men's perfume?

You use a cologne and perfume after the aftershave treatment. You should not spray cologne and perfume directly on freshly shaved skin. A small amount of cologne behind the ears in the neck area or on the wrists is sufficient. You should not rub the applied fragrance dry between your hands or wrists. One or two puffs and that's it. A cologne and perfume develops. At first you may still smell the alcohol. After a few minutes you get the scent that you will smell for the rest of the day.

For men, choosing the right cologne and men's perfume is more complex than for women. As a man you naturally have to deal with the use of shaving and beard products. You naturally want the scent of your men's perfume to match the scents of your shaving soap, aftershave or beard oil as much as possible.

Which aftershave, cologne and men's perfume should I buy?

An aftershave, cologne and perfume contain alcohol and fragrance ingredients. Never use alcohol-containing shaving products if you have dry or sensitive skin. Aftershaves provide a fresh feeling on the skin and their scent is much less strong than colognes or perfumes. An aftershave has the lowest percentage of fragrance ingredients (2% to 4%). The smell of an aftershave diminishes or even disappears after a few minutes. A cologne contains more fragrance ingredients (5% to 10%) than an aftershave. A cologne will keep you smelling good for several hours. A perfume has the most scent compared to a cologne and aftershave. It contains the most concentrated amount of fragrance ingredients (10% to 20%). A perfume lasts and smells all day long.

All men's fragrances can be divided into five fragrance classes: fresh, floral, oriental, woody and fougère (woodsy). Each scent is built up like a pyramid. It starts with the top notes first. After a few minutes you will smell the middle notes. After all, it is the base notes that last the longest on your skin.

Which scent suits me best?

Determining the right scent is of course very difficult. Which scent suits you is personal. When choosing a cologne or perfume you should always ask yourself, 'what do I like smelling?' Are you a lover of forest scents or do you like floral scents? Or do you prefer spicy exotic scents? When the weather is warm, fresh citrus scents or light perfumes are pleasant. When it is Autumn, warm and woody scents are popular. It is of course best if your cologne matches the scent of your favorite one as much as possible.

Because the scents of a cologne or perfume are built up like a pyramid, you will also notice that your perfume will smell different a few minutes after spraying it. In the beginning, alcohol also dominates. Alcohol evaporates quickly. Then the other fragrance notes emerge. The pH value or acidity of your skin also influences the odor development.

Cologne and perfume brands

Buying your favorite cologne or men's perfume is a personal matter. The Italian Acca Kappa has beautiful colognes and men's fragrances: 1869, Muschio Bianco and Green Manderin. Italy's most exclusive barbershop Antica Barbieria de Colla also has four beautiful colognes. The major English shaving brands DR Harris, Taylor of Old Bond Street and Truefitt and Hill have various classic colognes with different scents. The sandalwood fragrance lines from these brands are very popular. The well-known Italian shaving brand Proraso has a separate cologne fragrance line: Single Blade. This cologne line consists of three scents: Wood & Spice, Azur Lime and Cypress & Vetiver. The Italian Saponificio Varesino produces very special perfume. They all have very subtle and unique masculine scents and match perfectly with their shaving products. The men's colognes from the Portuguese Antiga Barbearia de Bairro match the scents of their shaving creams. The sandalwood/cedarwood perfume from the Scottish Castle Forbes smells like a forest in autumn.

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