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Anthony Logistics for Men - Manandshaving

Anthony Logistics for Men

Anthony Logistics for Men was founded by Anthony Sosnick. Anthony Logistics is a multifunctional and no-nonsense shaving and skin care brand exclusively for men. The products contain only the best plant-based ingredients specially developed for men's skin and suitable for every type of skin.

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History Anthony Logistics for Men

Anthony Sosnick recognized the lack of high-quality grooming products for men. The Anthony brand was founded in 2000. Anthony is multifunctional and complete care for men. The products contain natural ingredients and have been developed according to the latest production technologies.

The advantages of Anthony Logistics are: allergen-free, no lanolin, mineral oils and animal by-products, not tested on animals, super concentrated, unscented to lightly scented and suitable for all skin types.

The Anthony Logistics for Men range

Regular cleansing or bath soap can dry out the facial skin. A pleasant shave starts with cleansing the skin without drying out the skin. Anthony's cleansing gel cleanses the skin but is pH neutral. Thoroughly scrubbing your skin once a week with the scrub gel will ultimately prevent ingrown hairs and make the skin look fresh again. Anthony has a shaving cream and shaving gel for shaving. Both shaving products are mint fresh and contain menthol.

Before shaving, you can additionally protect the skin with a pre-shave oil. The Anti Ingrown Hair Treatment is very popular. This gel prevents ingrown hairs. It removes dead skin cells, hydrates the skin and ultimately prevents ingrown hairs.

After shaving, the skin can be cared for and treated with an after shave balm and moisturizer. There are various moisturizing creams in the range. There is a moisturizer for oily skin. Do you have dry skin? Then use the All Purpose Facial Moisturizer.

At the end of the day, many men suffer from an oily film on their skin. You can refresh your skin with the handy cleansing pads. The Anthony Continuous Moisture Eye Cream revitalizes the skin around the eyes, prevents eye bags and the first small wrinkles.

Anthony has a very effective deodorant for the armpits. It provides a fresh feeling and prevents sweat odors. This deodorant does not contain alcohol or aluminum. Alcohol can irritate the delicate skin under the armpits. Many deodorants contain aluminum. Various dermatological studies show that this component is harmful to the skin.

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