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Beardbalm - Manandshaving

Beard balm

No beard regrets and happy beards with the beard balms from the beard brand from Detroit. Various beard balms are produced at Beardbalms in a traditional and sustainable manner. Beardbalm only uses natural ingredients. Only the best for your beard.

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Beardbalm: Transform Your Beard from Sad to Majestic

Beardbalm offers high-quality beard care products to help men transform their beards from sad to majestic. Our journey started with a punk boy who refused to shave, but after much experimentation he discovered the perfect blend of natural oils and waxes that transformed his facial hair from a messy mess to a beautiful glory.

Discover the Magic of Beardbalm

From the beginning, Beardbalm has captivated users and admirers. What started as a personal quest for better beard care quickly grew into a mission to help men around the world keep their beards thriving and glowing. Beardbalm makes facial care simple and enjoyable, without the need for disposable razors, chemical shaving creams or drying aftershaves.

Our products are made from natural ingredients, free of harmful chemicals and harmful to the environment. With a focus on social and environmental values, we work from our own factory in Corktown to mass produce and distribute our delicious beard conditioners, employing a team of (totally rad) men and women.

Visit our Ponyride factory in Corktown and discover the world of Beardbalm for yourself. Transform your beard with our care products and join the movement of men who believe in the power of a well-groomed beard.

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