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Castle Forbes - Manandshaving

Castle Forbes

Scotland's Castle Forbes is a family business run by the Forbes clan in Aberdeen. The high-end shaving products all have a beautiful natural scent and contain only the finest essential oils. The pre shave, shaving cream and after shave provide an extremely luxurious and comfortable shave.

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History Castle Forbes

The Castle Forbes perfumery can be found in Forbes Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The gigantic estate is owned by the Chief of the Forbes Clan. The Forbes make their money by organizing weddings, salmon and fly fishing holidays and selling luxury shaving products and perfumes. Started long ago with small-scale production for private customers and friends. Their shaving products and men's perfumes are now sold worldwide. Castle Forbes' mission is to create a small selection of unique men's fragrances and offer top quality artisanal shaving products. Castle Forbes uses pure essential oils and botanicals. The products do not contain parabens, dyes, artificial fragrances and are not tested on animals.

Castle Forbes shaving products

Castle Forbes has a large group of loyal fans worldwide. And that is not for nothing. The shaving range consists of 4 basic fragrance lines: shaving cream and aftershave balm. It starts with a neutral water-based preshave. This provides extra protection and 'glide' while shaving. You can combine this preshave well with other shaving products. The 4 shaving creams have a firm and greasy composition. A little bit is more than enough for a luxurious, rich, creamy and nourishing shaving foam.

The aftershave balms have an exceptionally calming effect. The balm protects and hydrates without leaving a sticky and greasy layer. These care products also contain natural ingredients, such as witch hazel and pure vegetable oils.

Cedarwood & Sandalwood
This fragrance line is very special and popular. The scent can best be described as an 'oak forest in autumn'. The slightly smoky woody and earthy scent is pure, authentic and masculine.

According to experts, the most beautiful lavender shaving cream and balm. The scent is like lavender smells: pure and floral. This fragrance line is suitable for sensitive skin and effectively reduces shaving irritations. The essential lavender oil has extremely active soothing properties.

Lime - Citrus
The Lime fragrance line regularly receives very positive reviews on shaving forums. The scent is powerful zesty, fresh and fruity. It provides a true citrus explosion while shaving.

The 1445 is a very beautiful distinguished and masculine scent of moss, fern and grass. The 1445 is a real men's fragrance.

Castle Forbes men's perfumes

The fantastic perfumes from Castle Forbes match seamlessly with the scents of the shaving creams and balms. The scents are pure, masculine, aristocratic and unique. The perfumes contain only the finest quality pure essential oils.

Forbes or Forbes
This understated perfume named after the official historical title of our Clan Chief: Lord Forbes of Forbes. It is a subtle and soft scent of exotic wood, accords of warm green herbs and amber. It is a robust warm and seductive scent of a hint of cigar smoke and the warm, woody, leathery scent of the interior of a vintage car. This perfume fits perfectly with the Cedarwood & Sandalwood shaving line.

This citrus perfume is fresh, sparkling and masculine. The scent stays with you all day long. A light refreshing scent with amber and soft woody notes of lemon, lime and bergamot combined with sandalwood and cedarwood. Have a distinctive and bold scent and combines well with the scent of the Lime shaving products.

1445 is the year the title was conferred on the first Lord Forbes. It is a typical British aristocratic fougere scent that lingers all day long. The perfume has fresh green and 'clean' notes of ferns and grasses combined with lavender, tarragon, lemon, bitter orange and vetiver.

Special Reserve - Vetiver
Vetiver perfume is a classic scent with a modern 'round' twist. Vetiver oil is traditionally known as a soothing oil with earthy grassy notes and a 'clean' woody aroma with a slightly smoky hint of leather. A refreshing and cool note of citrus, cypress, cedarwood and black pepper oil gives this Vetiver perfume an elegant masculinity.

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