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Complete guide to beard and mustache care: Find your style and maintenance tips

Are you curious about the perfect beard shape for your face type, or how you can prevent razor burn and effectively deal with irregular beard growth ? Discover essential information and tips on beard and mustache care, including choosing the right razor and shaving brush . Whether you're a novice or experienced beard wearer, this guide offers practical advice for every man.

  • Caring for your beard

    Beard care naturally starts with a visit to your barber. And purchasing the right beard supplies. So many men, so many beards. Every beard grows differently. Taking care of your beard is very important for a nice, sleek and healthy beard. Although the growth of beards differs per man, there are some basic maintenance steps: maintenance, cleaning, care and styling.

  • Maintaining your beard

    Depending on the type of beard growth and length, you do the maintenance either daily or weekly. You can do the maintenance with a trimmer, beard scissors and razor. Cut the long tufts of beard with the scissors. With the trimmer you can easily and smoothly trim the entire beard to the correct length. To ensure a close shave of the beard contours, we recommend using the safety razor instead of the multi-blade cartridge razor. The shape of the shaving head and the razor blade of the safety razor allows you to see very well where you need to shave along the beard edges. You can of course also use the razor to shave the beard hairs on the cheeks and neck.

  • Cleaning your beard

    Wash the beard with a special beard shampoo. A beard shampoo is a mild and skin-friendly shampoo. It removes dirt, dust and excess sebum from the beard but leaves the skin alone. It prevents dry flaky and chapped irritated skin under the beard. Clean your beard a maximum of a few times a week.

  • Grooming your beard

    Your beard is exposed to the sun, wind and pollution in the air every day. For a healthy and fresh beard you need to care for and nourish it daily. Always take care of your beard after cleaning it. Prevent a dry and fluffy beard. Always use a few drops of beard oil. Rub and distribute the beard oil using a wooden beard comb or beard brush. The advantage of beard oil is that it also nourishes the skin and you can easily apply and distribute it in the beard. If you still have a short beard or you hate oil, use a beard balm.

  • Styling your beard

    The longer the beard, the more important styling or modeling the beard becomes. Use a beard balm or beard wax to shape your beard. Rub and distribute the beard balm into the beard and shape it using the beard comb or beard brush.

Which beard shape suits me?

I would like to grow my beard. But which beard shape suits me best?

Which beard shape suits you best naturally depends on your beard growth, your own preference and the shape of your face.

The beard shape or type of beard depends on the shape of your face.

First take a good look at the shape of your face:

  • Round or spherical face
  • Long face
  • Square or angular face
  • Oval face

Shape of your face and beard shape:

  • Round face: full, long and square beard under the chin. Keep the side of the beard or sideburns trim and short.
  • Long face: short compact beard under the chin. More full sides or full and long sideburns.
  • Square face: full, long and round beard under the chin. Keep the side of the beard or sideburns trim and short.
  • Bald head: tight and short trimmed stubble
  • Oval face: any beard shape is possible

Which beard type suits me best?

I now know which beard shape to choose. But which type of beard suits me best?

There are dozens of types of beards. Below is a small selection per face shape:

  • Round face: Hollywoodian, Chin Curtain, Garibaldi, Bandholz
  • Long Face: Stubble, Mutton Chops
  • Square face: Ducktail, Anchor, Balbo, Verdi
  • Oval face: any type of beard is possible, such as Van Dyke, Imperial

I have irregular beard growth. How do I get a nice beard?

The beard growth on my face is irregular and not well distributed everywhere. And I still want a beard. What should I do?

  • Be patient and trim your beard or shave the edges of the beard regularly.
  • It can sometimes take months for your beard to fully grow.
  • Depending on the beard growth, view and choose the beard type that best suits it.

How can I remedy the skin irritation under my budding beard?

I've had a beard for a few weeks now. Only my skin under the beard itches, has a red rash and is flaking. How can I prevent this?

Don't pick or scratch your beard. This only worsens the skin irritations. Be patient, after some time it may diminish.

Below are some more tips:

  • Of course, use the rightbeard supplies for maintenance
  • Brush your beard daily with a special beard brush .
  • Wash your beard twice a week with a mild beard shampoo . Beard shampoo is less aggressive than a regular hair shampoo.
  • Do not wash your beard with regular hand soap. Regular soap can dry out the skin.
  • Take care of the skin under your beard with a beard oil . The beard oil is absorbed by the skin and nourishes the skin. Do use a neutral, unscented beard oil based on natural ingredients and essential oils.
  • You must massage the beard oil thoroughly.

How can I best maintain my beard?

I have a beard. How can I best maintain my beard properly?

A nice, sleek beard requires regular maintenance with the rightbeard supplies . Below are some maintenance tips:

What is the best way to maintain a full, long beard?

I already have a full and long beard. But how do I keep my beard in the right shape? Which beard supplies should I use?

  • Brush your beard daily with a special beard brush .
  • Wash your beard twice a week with a mild beard shampoo .
  • If necessary, use a beard balm to keep the beard in the right shape.
  • If necessary, use a mustache pomade to keep the mustache in good shape.
  • Trim the end of the beard regularly with special beard scissors .

Which beard products, such as beard oil, beard balm and beard shampoo, should I use?

I have a beard. But which beard supplies are best to use?

  • A beard oil consists of a mix of various essential oils. A beard oil softens the beard hairs and nourishes the skin under the beard. If you have a beginning beard or a short trimmed beard, you will benefit greatly from a beard oil.
  • A beard balm is suitable for styling or shaping the long, full beard.
  • The skin under the beard is more sensitive than the scalp. After using beard oil and beard balm, the beard must be cleaned regularly. A beard shampoo is a special mild shampoo for cleaning the beard.
  • Brush the beard regularly with a beard brush.